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15 Things That Lower Testosterone Levels

We, men, know for a fact that our sex hormone (testosterone) levels start declining when we hit our thirties. This causes reduced sex drive and muscle mass. You will see zero gains in the gym as you proceed to your late forties. But, did you know that some foods and the way of living can remarkably lower the T-levels even at a young age?

These 15 things will take a toll on your testosterone levels and you need to know this.


Testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for sexuality, muscle mass, bone density, hair growth. Men who are in an urge to build muscle use anabolic steroids. If you are taking it continuously then you will temporary benefits like muscle growth, but the problem arises when you stop taking it. Because your testicles will not produce testosterone naturally since you were taking sufficient anabolic steroids. Very clever are those balls.

Lack of sleep

You should have a peaceful sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. A study conducted on working-class men within the age group of 22-29 showed that sleeping only 5-6 hours a day has drastically reduced the production of testosterone by 15-20%. That’s huge. Adequate sleep is also essential to get clear skin.

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Reduced testosterone level also lowers the energy, makes your concentration poor and causes fatigue.


If you are in stress then your body produces cortisol in a large amount. According to science, cortisol and testosterone work against each other. So, if you are stressed then the higher amount of cortisol will inhibit the production of testosterone which will lead to infertility and loss of libido.

You can avoid stress by

  • working out regularly
  • not smoking
  • not drinking
  • maintaining a healthy diet
  • sleeping enough in the night

Heat produced by smartphones

Not just the smartphones but any electronic gadgets that emit radiation will lower your T-levels. If you are the one who puts the phone in your pant pockets, then due to the heat produced (due to radiation) will slow down the production of sperms and its motility, and testosterone too. This is because sperms are produced more in a cooler environment and that is why this process takes place in your scrotum (ball sack) which is out of the body. So, instead, keep your phones in your jacket or backpack.


There are many studies which indicate that the level of testosterone reduces after overtraining because of the high production of cortisol hormone. The studies reveal that 30% of the men who overtrain lack normal sperm count and are at high chances of becoming infertile. So take a break while you train and reduce the intensity of your training. After training, you can take multivitamins which will supply essential minerals like zinc for the production of testosterone.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t train at all. Obesity is also a reason for lower T-levels.

Parabens and phthalates

Parabens are chemicals which are found in common products like sunscreen lotion, shampoos, shaving gel. It is highly dangerous for your fertility as they affect testosterone production. So, if you are to buy one of these products then check whether parabens are in it.

Phthalates are found in perfumes, non-organic candles and in artificial flavors for fast foods. It is also used in hardening of plastics. A study made on teens shows that phthalates block testosterone production. They found about 24-34.1% drop in their T-levels.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

BPA is a chemical substance which is used to make plastics hard. They are also a major culprit in lowering T-levels. Mostly it is found in reusable plastics and lining of water bottles. BPA leaches into food due if the plastic is heated.

If you are cycling alone on a sunny day and use plastic bottles to carry water, remember that the water that you are gonna drink will definitely contain BPA. So, switch your plastic bottles into metal bottles. Also, do not use plasticware to cook your food in a microwave oven. Use glass containers instead.


Soy and its products

There are numerous researches that prove consuming soy and its products dramatically decreases your testosterone level. Soy is highly consumed as a musclebuilding supplement because of its high protein content. But, soy products are also rich in calcium which will increase estrogen production. Consequently, T-levels are suppressed due to estrogen production.

If you are currently taking plant-based soy protein, you can replace it with whey protein. However, consumption of meager quantity of soy or its products will not adversely affect the testosterone level.

Refined Carbs

These include bread, pasta, white rice. If you consume more amount of refined carbs then your insulin level will increase, which leads to blocking or disruption in your central hormone pathway resulting in lower testosterone levels.

Red meat

A research conducted by Harvard students reveals that men who consumed more red meat had a low testosterone level. So, reduce the amount of red meat intake, instead, you can replace your diet with fish (since it contains omega 3 fatty acids which are known to increase your testosterone level).


Alcohol contains hops (raw material for its preparation) and it has been proven to increase the estrogen level in your body. Consequently, your testosterone level goes down.

Flax seeds

Many of us consume flaxseed because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. But, a study has shown that it also contains lignin, which will diminish the production of testosterone.

Licorice roots

Consumption of licorice roots has been confirmed to lower the testosterone level. In a worse case, it also leads to erectile dysfunction. A study revealed that consuming 7 grams of licorice brings down your testosterone by 26%.


We love eating nuts. But, some of the nuts like pistachios contains phytosterols which cause your T-levels to hit rock bottom.

Sugar and sugary drinks

According to research done in Massachusetts, consumption of 75 ml of sugar per day will reduce the testosterone level by 25% irrespective of the person is diabetic or not. A study on human reproduction says that people who consume more soda are likely to produce more estrogen which lowers your testosterone level.

Those are the 15 T-level restrictors that you need to be aware of.

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