Triangle face shape hairstyles men

35 Dope Hairstyles For Triangular Face Shaped Male

Characteristics Of A Triangular Face

  1. Your face is generally longer and your jawline is wider than your forehead.
  2. The chin is almost flat or square in shape.
  3. The jawline is strong, bold and angular.
  4. Your forehead becomes narrower from the jaw and the cheekbone is straight.

With your wider jawline and narrow forehead, your face will appear geometrically like a triangle. You should choose a hairstyle that works with your angularity of jaws and which makes your forehead appear wider to balance the face. You can grow hair on sides to create a balance or you can grow a stubble to achieve the same.

triangular face shape hairstyles male


Angular Fringe

In this hairstyle, the front part of your hair will cover most of your forehead. The sides are kept short and choppy. You have to grow some hair on top and cut the sides shorter. If you want your angular fringe to stay in its place, apply some hair wax to your blow-dried hair. The wax that you apply will hold your hair for a long time. Guys with any hair texture can style this hairstyle. This also neutralizes the angularity of your jawline.

fringe triangular face shape hairstyles male

Textured Fringe

To add texture to your hair, you have to have some volume on the top. So, if your hair is greasy, you need to shampoo and condition your hair. Now, apply some pomade to well-dried hair and comb your hair forward and then side part it. Don’t be afraid to mix up your hair to get a messy appearance.

triangular face shape hairstyles male - textured fringe with a side part

Curly Fringe

Guys who have naturally curly hair don’t need much effort to style this hairstyle. You can grow hair on top from medium to longer length. While you sit for a haircut go for a tapered haircut or fade on the side. The contrast of fade and tapered cut works perfectly with your naturally textured curls. You can apply some pomade to towel-dried hair to keep your hair in place.

hairstyles for triangle face shape men - curly fringe

Side Swept Fringe

A side-swept fringe will give a classic touch. Go for an undercut and taper the sides. Leave the top region of the hair to sweep on the side. To achieve the classy look apply some pomade or gel that makes your hair look glossy and comb it forward. Beside all these side-swept fringe makes your face look more delicate.

hairstyles for triangle face shape men - side swept fringe

Classic Quiff

To have this hairstyle, you need to get a classic haircut, which means no fade or high tapers. Short to medium length hair on top and some hair on the sides and back. This also creates a balance for your jawline. A classic hairstyle is never complete without a shiny finish, so to make your hair shine, get some hair shine products like glossy pomade or else hair shine spray. To get the look, blow-dry your hair after the shower, apply a generous amount of pomade and brush it back. Make sure you have a sharp line to side part it.

hairstyles for triangle face shape men - classic quiff

Modern Quiff

As the name indicates this hairstyle is modern, which means undercuts and fades. Grow medium length hair on top and go for a mid fade or a skin fade. The aim is to imbalance the hair to make the hairstyle more appealing. To towel-dried hair, apply some matte wax or pomade to hold your hair. You can also create some layers on the top.

hairstyles for triangle face shaped male - modern quiff

Short Messy Quiff

This hairstyle suits both casual and semi-formal occasions. To add volume on top, blow dry your hair and sprinkle some volumizing powder (optional) on top. Grab some pomade and apply it to your hair. Now, use a blow drier and run your fingers through you the hair to get that messy look. Faded or tapered sides complement this hairstyle well.

 triangular face shape hairstyles - messy short hairstyle

Textured Quiff

This quiff with faded sides and back is ideal for guys with wavy hair. The hairstyle is less structured and easy to style. Obviously, the maintenance varies with the length of your hair. After showering, blow-dry your hair to add volume and apply some matte pomade to give texture to your hair.

triangle face hairstyles male - textured quiff

Disconnected Quiff

If you want to style your long-disconnected-undercut-hair, this hairstyle is a perfect option. Apply high hold pomade (since your hair is long) to towel-dried hair and brush it back while using a blow-drier. You can complement this hairstyle by growing a subtle amount of beard.

triangle face hairstyles men - disconnected quiff

Classic Combover

This suits all men regardless of their hair texture. The combover is versatile and gives you a professional look. To enhance the classic look go for a tapered haircut with scissors and hard part your part line. You can add volume on the top and maintain a length of 3-5 inches so that the transition between the top and sides decreases gradually. Style a classic combover by applying pomade or wax evenly throughout your hair. Now comb from the front to top and make your hair to settle on one side. You can brush up to add some volume.

justin timberlake-classic combover-triangle face hairstyles male

Undercut Combover

In this hairstyle, the combover is paired with an undercut. This creates a high contrast between the top and the sides. You have the option of cropping the sides shorter. You can taper your sides with scissors or go for a fade. Apply a medium holding wax or pomade and comb your top region of hair to one side. The parting usually happens at the edge of the undercut.

triangle face hairstyles guys - comb over undercut

Long Combover

If you don’t know how to style your long hair, this hairstyle would be a perfect one that you can try. This long comb over hairstyle looks good on men who have thick, curly or wavy textured hair. Maintain your hair length from 4-5 inches. Styling this hairstyle and creating a variation on the top would require a good hair product like pomade. Towel dry your hair after the shower and apply a good amount of pomade. Now part a line and comb the hair from the front to one side. Run your fingers through the hair to create some layers and texture to the hair.

triangle face shape hairstyles male - long comb over

Low Fade Combover

For an easy variation and a good hairstyle to style without much effort in the morning, you can choose this. In this low fade comb over, you can cut your hair short/medium length on the top. But the sides and back are maintained with low fade. This does not allow much transition between the top and the side. The maintenance varies as the length of the hair on the top varies. The short hair on the top will allow you to achieve a hipster look and hair length that varies between medium and long gives you a professional look. Apply some wax and comb the hair from the front to one side.

triangle face hairstyles male - low fade combover

Wavy Combover

This comb over is for guys with wavy hair. For a haircut, you can go for an undercut with a fade or taper over the sides. You can add layers to the top. Since you have wavy hair, adding layers on the top makes your comb over look distinct and attractive. Apply a generous amount pomade on dry hair and comb it from the front to the opposite side of your parting. Pair it with a clean beard as it gives a fresh look.

Hairstyles for triangle face shaped men - curly wavy combover with beard

Classic pompadour

For a classy and elegant hairstyle, classic pompadour makes an excellent option. As far as the classic pompadour is concerned, the sides are tapered low and the hair on top is about 3-4 inches long. After showering, blow-dry your hair and apply wax or pomade to it. Now comb it from the front to the back. To achieve a professional look, part your hair.

Hairstyles for triangle face shaped men - Classic Pompadour

Modern Pompadour

Modern pompadour is a great evolution of classic pompadour. It can be recognized with its shorter sides and lengthy hair on the top. Maintain a length of 3-4 inches on the top and buzz the sides. This haircut makes the sides shorter thereby creating high contrast between the top and sides. Evenly spread pomade or wax on your fingers and run it through your hair. Now comb it from the front while using a blow dryer to add some volume in the front. If you want to get a textured finish, apply matt wax or clay.

Hairstyles for triangle face shaped men - Modern Pompadour With Beard

Wavy Pompadour

This is an easy to style traditional pompadour. Maintain medium to long hair on the top and fade/taper the sides. Tapered sides give you a classy touch. To style this hairstyle you shall use clay or wax rather than using a pomade. Use your fingers to style it and mess it up a bit to add texture.


Disconnected Pompadour

The disconnected pompadour hairstyle grants you an adventurous and tough look. The disconnected pompadour is characterized by a break between its top and sides. This accentuates the length of the pompadour. For haircut go for the tapered/faded disconnected undercut. You can also cut some lines over your sides as shown in the photo as it makes your hairstyle look unique.

hairstyle for my face shape - triangle - disconnected pompadour

Short Pompadour

If you are looking for an alternative of the above pompadours, this is the best choice and easy hairstyle to style as the hair is kept shorter on the top. You can crop the sides shorter or fade them. The hair on the top is kept longer than the side and back, but do not exceed 2 inches. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and you need to use only less amount of hair products. To style your hair, like the photo below, blow-dry your hair and apply a decent amount of pomade and brush it from the front to spread the pomade uniformly all over the hair.

Triangle Face Hairstyles Male - Short Pompadour

Slicked Back Pompadour

This is much similar to the classic pompadour in the front. The difference is with the sides. In slicked back pompadour the sides are made high tapered or faded. The long hair on the top is slicked from the front towards the back. This gives a mixed appearance of both classy and modern pompadour. This hairstyle is ideal for formal occasions. To make your pomp look sleek, use glossy pomade or wax for styling.

triangle face hairstyles male - slick back pompadour

Man Bun

With your strong jawline, you can rock this hairstyle. You don’t have to put much effort into styling this classic hairstyle. The length of the hair decides the size of your bun — longer it is, bigger the size of the bun. Comb all your long hair towards the back and tie it near the crown region. Allow some hair to fall for a relaxed look. Grow a subtle amount of beard to look more manly.

triangle face hairstyles male - man bun


This is an easy go hairstyle. Pull all of your long hair to one place and tie them with a band. For a glossy look, apply a serum. Don’t make it look severe or restrictive, rather leave some hair to fall naturally in front of your face or tuck it behind your ears.

chris hemsworth man bun male celebrities with heart shaped faces heart shaped face hairstyles male

Long Textured Waves

Men who have wavy hair have the power of stealing the heart of any girl with this hairstyle 😂. To damp hair, apply styling mousse and let it air dry, or use a diffuser to do the same by directing the hair from the front to fall back. When it is completely dried, use a comb to sweep the hair backward and use hairspray to get a hold.

male celebrities with heart shaped faces hairstyles - long wavy hair


The topknot is a modern version of a man bun. In a man bun, you grow hair longer even on sides whereas, in a top knot the sides are trimmed and the hair from the front is pulled to the crown region and tied. To have this hairstyle, go for a disconnected undercut with tapered or faded sides. You can also grow a beard and merge the transition of the side to the beard with a fade.

triangle face hairstyles male - topknot

Slicked Back

This remains one of the popular hairstyles of all time and holds ideal for formal occasions. You can add volume, texture on the top or just leave the hair to sit flat on the top. Apply pomade on damp hair and use a comb to slick it back. For a more formal look, side part your hair a little bit. If you have wavy hair, it requires lots of time and hair products to get the look.



Buzzcut is one of the masculine hairstyles. Go for a crisp buzzcut only if you have a beard since super shorting your hair will cause an imbalance between your forehead and jawline. You can either fade your sides or else keep everything in an equal proportion.

triangle-face-hairstyles-male-tom hardy-buzzcut-with-beard

Classic Side Part

The side part is one of the classic, timeless and versatile hairstyles. Never fade or taper your sides high. Pat dry your hair after a shower and apply some gel to your hair. Now, choose a line and comb the naturally falling hair opposite to the parted line. You can use a hair shine spray to get a shiny and glossy look.

zac efron side part comb over celebrities with round face male mens hairstyle for round face shape hairstyles for round face men

Here are some celebrities with triangle face shape sporting different hairstyles:

Channing Tatum Crew Cut

triangle face celebrities male - channing tatum crew cut

Channing Tatum Side Swept Comb Over

triangle face celebrities male - Channing tatum side swept comb over

Kanye West Buzzcut

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - kanye west buzzcut

Taylor Lautner Spikey Hair

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - taylor lautner spiky hair

Aston Kutcher Messy Fringe

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - aston kutcher messy fringe

Alex Costa Classic Quiff

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - alex costa classic quiff

Alex Costa Side Swept Quiff

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - alex costa side swept quiff

Alex Costa Wavy Pompadour

triangle face celebrities male hairstyles - alex costa wavy pompadour

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