5 Footwear Every Man Must Have

It is a fact that we are judged by our footwear, so spending time and money to find the best footwear serves you well. However, finding the best footwear for men is a tough task if you do not know where to start. So, here we have listed the top 5 footwear every man must have.

1. White sneakers

There is nothing like a pair of white sneakers that you can just throw on whenever you’re on-the-go. The versatile are those simple with fewest bells and whistles. Any white sneakers can service jeans and t-shirts as well as formal pants and blazers. But do not make the mistake of wearing white sneakers with a suit.

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2. Oxford

Every man needs a pair of dress shoes for formal occasions. A black or tan Oxford is quintessential in a man’s closet. Moreover, Oxford fits the bill. With its elegant silhouette and closed lacing, Oxford adds a refined touch that will complement your formal outfit and a three-piece suit, as well.

3. Loafers

If you’re looking to elevate your streetwear, loafers can do it for you. You can wear Loafers with a more casual ensemble for a polished look. Dress it up or down, pair it with jeans or gray flannel-it never disappoints. The loafers’ hallmark is versatility.

4. Boots

The next pair of footwear in line to complete your shoe collection is a pair of leather dress boots. Leather boots are ragged and dressy, which are a wardrobe staple that enhances your look. Your options range from semi-casual lace-up to dressy slip-on Chelsea. You can always put on a pair of Chelsea or Chukka boots with a dark washed denim to stand out of the sneakers wearing crowd.

5. Running shoes

There is nothing better than a sleek pair of athletic running shoes. Since it is provided with a superior cushion, it is more comfortable to wear. Not only do they function as your gym shoes, but they can also be worn with your casual outfits by pairing it up with joggers. My favorite running shoes are Adidas asweego and Nike epic react flyknit 2.

That’s the list of 5 footwear every man must have.

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