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Guide to Choose Frames for Face Shape

I’m sure you have put on glasses with different frames in optical stores and asked your friends or family whether they look good on you or not. They seldom say that it looks good on you. So, have you ever wondered why the frame you like does not look good on you? Hence, in this article, we will guide you to choose frames that will suit your face shape.


If you search the internet for face shapes, you will find a plethora of face shapes. But what matters the most for choosing the right frame is the angularity of your face.

  • If you have a chiseled jawline, then you should go for frames that have a curved and smooth finish. Avoid boxy and oversized frames as it will make your face bulky.
  • However, if your jawline is not well defined then you should go for angular and squared out frames to balance the smoothness. Avoid curved and oversized frames as it will further accentuate your curves and make your face look fat.
  • Never choose frameless glasses unless you have a symmetrical face.


Now, let us find out what is your face shape before selecting the right frame for you. Quickly, take a selfie and outline your face including your hair (if you have long luscious hair please tie it up and then take a selfie). Tracing the outline of your face in the mirror with a marker is an alternative, but not preferable. So, now you have the outline of your face. Compare it with the pictures shown below and select the closest one to your outline.

Different face shapes


Congratulations! You have chosen your face shape.

Now, let us hop into the article and select frames for your face shape.


A man with a round face must choose a frame that is angular and wider than your face. The frames that we recommend are

  • Square
  • Rectangle

Here is an example of a wider frame (Square frame) you should choose. Notice it in the image below, they are more angular with rigid lines and this structure and dimension give your face an elongated and a balanced look.


Different face shapes

For someone with a square face, the main objective is to lengthen and soften the face’s angularity. Since a man with a square face has very angular jaws, he should choose a frame with high curves. The frames that we recommend are

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Browline
  • Aviators

The frame (Browline – Clubmasters) shown below is less structured and sits high on the bridge of the nose. Moreover, these frames are softer at the bottom and will look awesome on a structured square face.



If you have an oval face, the frames that you choose should have a strong bridge. Furthermore, the frames should be angular and wider than your widest part of your face. You can select a frame with its upper portion straight and angular. However, it’s down portion should be soft and curved to maintain balance. The frames that we recommend are

  • Aviators
  • Square
  • Browline
  • Rectangle

The photo of glasses shown below is aviators. Wearing these frames will give you a sleek and elegant look as the frame is more geometric in shape.



Men with the heart-shaped face can go with any frame. This is because your forehead is wider and your chin is narrower. Glasses with heavy bottomed frames can balance out the narrow chin and make your face more aesthetic. The frames that we recommend are

    • Aviators
    • Rectangle
    • Square

The frame shown below is rectangular with a heavy bottom and low-set temple which helps in drawing attention from the wide forehead.

Rectangle glasses

I hope you found this article helpful in choosing the best frame for your face shape. Also, check out our other article on footwear every man must have.

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