Hairstyles For Round Face Shaped Men

Only The Best 20 Hairstyles For Round Faced Men & How To Style

How to select a hairstyle for round face shaped man?

Round face shape guys have a face of same width and length. The jawline and chin are soft and rounder. So you should choose a hairstyle which will add angularity to your face. A growing stubble or a beard will also complement your hairstyle. You shall go for hairstyles with shorter sides and back with added volume on top to make your face look more aesthetic. The goal is to elongate your face with an angular edgy hairstyle.

round face hairstyles men

I have selected only the best 20 hairstyles of all lengths for round face men and included how to style each hairstyle so that it fits your face shape well.

quiff haircuts for round face men

Quiffs are of high maintenance. So you will be requiring a pomade or wax to style the quiff. As I have mentioned before you should go for short sides and back. So you can go for skin fades or undercut to get super short sides and back. There are many types of quiffs that you can style with this haircut. They are

Classic Quiff

This is one of the oldest hairstyles that’s being in trend even now. When you are going for a haircut tell the barber to leave 5-6 inches on the top. To achieve the classy look it is recommended not to go for a high fade. Wash your hair and dry it with a blow dryer. Apply some pomade or wax and slick back the hair from the front.

hairstyle for round face men - the classic quiff

round face hairstyles men - the classic quiff

Side-Parted Quiff

The best and easy way to style your quiff is by side-parting it. You can go for a fade or cut the side shorter to get the classy look. After the shower, dry your hair and then with the help of a comb, side-part the top region. Comb the top region on the opposite side of your parting. You can use hair shine products and hairspray to make it more casual and sexy.

Hairstyles For Round Faces Men Short Haircuts - the side parted quiff

side part for round face men best hairstyles - the side parted quiff

Undercut Quiff

This is an edgy hairstyle that will add angularity to your face. Tell the barber to disconnect the sides from the top and you can go for high skin fade or tapered fade. You can create more texture on the top with the help of a salt spray. To get a modern look don’t side part it. The contrast of the disconnection between the side and top will give you an attractive look.

quiff for round face hairstyles men - undercut quiff

brad pitt undercut quiff for round face hairstyles men

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is one of the coolest hairstyles of 2019. This hairstyle suits almost any face shape but this will be more attractive for a round face guy since it adds you more volume and angles to the face. When you are sitting for a haircut tell the barber to leave at least 4-5 inches on the top. You can pair up faux hawk with an undercut, high skin fade. More the fade more the faux hawk will stand out. It is recommended to use wax or pomade in your dry hair to style the locks. Finish it with hairspray to get a sleek glossy look.

faux hawk hairstyle for round face man 2019

zac efron faux hawk round face celebrities male Hairstyles

the combovers haircuts for round face menThe thing that flashes to our mind if we tell the word combover is, it is the hairstyle which is been styled to cover the bald part. Buts it’s not completely true unless or otherwise, you are Donald Trump. You can pair up your comb-over with undercut and skin fades to achieve a modern look. You can also style it in a classic way by leaving the sides uncut but ensure its shorter than the top. When you sit for a haircut tell the barber to leave at least 3-4inches in the top. Go for a high skin fade, undercut or tapered haircut. If the sides are super sort or faded to get a contrasting appearance. This hairstyle is similar to the side part but the only difference is the side sweep that looks even more attractive. There are many types of comb-overs that you can style. Those are listed as

Classic Combover

You can grow long hair to style this and side-part it to achieve the classic look. You can apply a gel or pomade to hold the hairstyle for a longer time. You can also brush it up by using hair shine spray.

zac efron side part comb over celebrities with round face male hairstyle

Undercut Combover

You can change the classic look into a modern look with an undercut. The undercut is a hard part in which the top is left with more voluminous hair and the sides are made very shorter or faded. After sitting for a haircut tell your barber to leave the top and trim the sides and back. This hairstyle is of high maintenance. After the shower dry your hair and apply some high hold wax or pomade and slick it back from the front.

undercut comb over - Men's best long Hairstyles For Round Faces

Long Hair Combover

The haircut is very similar to that of the undercut comb-over. The only difference you can find is the long hair on the top. You have to use high hold hair products to hold the hair on the top throughout the day. It is recommended to use hair products in dry hair. If you want a glossy look finish it with a hairspray.

long hair comb over fade haircut hairstyles for round face men

pompadours round facePompadour is one of the best and iconic hairstyles that a round face guy can style. The versatile nature of pompadour will add a high volume on the top without adding width in your sides. You can pair it up with fade or undercut to elevate your look. To create the required height on the top you will require some good quality pomade or hair wax. There are again many pompadour styles that you can choose. You can go for slick back pompadour for a classy look. You can also go for a faded side and high top the get the modern look. The pompadours that you can go for are

Taper Cut Pompadour

To style any pompadour you have to have at least 4 inches of hair on the top. Taper haircut is one of a hard part. This suits pompadour as the hair is more on the top and gradually decreases and becomes super short on the side. This fits your face since it adds angles. You can also side part your hairstyle if required. After a shower, blow-dry your hair from the front with your fingers of comb running through it. Then apply some high hold wax and comb it from the front. you can also add some layers on the top with the help of your fingers.

taper haircut pompadour haircuts for round face men

layered pompadour round face men hairstyles

Disconnected Pompadour

The pompadour paired up with disconnected undercut is known as a disconnected pompadour. This hairstyle is adventurous and versatile because many will prefer the cohesive and gradual look of a pompadour. Apply pomade after the shower in dry hair and comb it front the front. You can add layers on the top to make it look even more attractive.

undercut pompadour round face hairstyles for round face men

Classic Pompadour

Unlike modern pompadour, the classic ones are sleek and glossy. You can use some oil-based products, hair shining spray or gel in your dry hair and slick it back to get a glossy classic look.

classic pompadour - hairstyles for round face men haircut

the side part hairstyles for round face men

Classic Side-Part

Round face guys have softer edges and curvy facial appearance, to give it a mature look you have to add edges. A side part will never disappoint you to achieve it. It is one of the versatile and timeless pieces which can be paired up with any outfit and look. This hairstyle is very easy to style. Apply some mild holding pomade and separate the line with the help of a comb. Comb the hair backward. If it is required use hairspray. DONE!george clooney side part hairstyles for round face men

Modern Side-Part

You can go for the buzz or hard part on the sides to make the modern side part poppy. Apply some mild holding pomade and separate the line with the help of a comb. The highlight of this hairstyle is the hard part line. It will define your parting and provides an enhanced look. For a formal occasion, you can go with a classic one but you can style the modern side part for a casual and formal event.

hard side part Hairstyles For Men With Round Faces long

modern side part hairstyles for round face men long

Side Bangs

This hairstyle is midway between an angular fringe and side part. This will also add angles to your face. This is an asymmetrical hairstyle. When you sit for a haircut keep your short or medium, but not long since it will make your cheekbones look larger, which will make the look unattractive. Apply some gel and use your finger to create a fringe top.

side bangs - hairstyle for round face men best long

Messy Waves

If you have got an undefined jawline with very softer edges. You can grow some hair even on the sides cause if you go for fades you are exposing your facial fat. The best and easy way to style your wavy hair is to go for a messy pattern. After shower dry your hair with a towel and run your fingers through the hair create some layers. This will give you a tousled appearance.

messy waves - hairstyles for round face men long

Slicked Back

The slick back hair is one of the best hairstyles that you can style at ease if you have enough hair on the top. This might not work with guys with curled hair. It is not recommended to pair undercut slick back since it will reflect your shape of round head. Go for some medium fades over the sides. After the shower dry your hair and apply some pomade and brush it from the front. There are many slick back hairstyles that you can style. One is classic slick back in which you can go for 2 or 3 grades of cut in the sides and long on top. Other slick back choices that you can go for are slick back man bun and slick back fade. In slick back fade, the sides are faded. The styling method is the same for all the hairstyles.

classic slick back hairstyles for round face men Cool long

Angular Fringe

Fringe, when paired up with fades and said to create angles, is known as the angular fringe. The only fringe that suits your facial structure is an angular fringe. Angular fringe suits guys who have a long round face as it makes your face look shorter. You can go for side fades or super short sides. On top tell the barber to cut asymmetric lengths to give the fringe a messy look. You don’t require to style an angular fringe. Apply some gel and make it look messy and to keep that in place.

angular fringe hairstyles for round face men

Textured Crop

The textured crop is a short hairstyle and when it is styled perfectly will elevate your look by creating a balance between cheekbones and forehead. Mix up the top by applying some gel of mild hold as it will make it look natural and maintains the wavy texture. Make sure you don’t apply an excessive amount of hair products since it will make the look more rugged and puts down the classy finish. You can also use some amount of hair spray to present the flyaways. You can go fade or undercut on the sides to create a striking contrast. This will make you look more attractive.

peaky blinders haircut textured crop cillian murphy for round face men


In this hairstyle, the long hair is pulled to one side. Justin Beiber popularised this hairstyle in recent times. For a haircut, you should go for undercut or hard part. Grow lengthy hair on the top and go for an undercut. Sweep your hair with the help of a comb apply some wax or pomade to hold it. Without it, you can go for a natural look too. Finish it by spraying a hair spray. This is one of the classic hairstyles but as you pair it up with an undercut it gives you a modern aesthetic look.

justin bieber side swept hairstyles for round face men best long

side swept modern men hairstyles for round face men

Brushed Up

Unlike pompadour and quiff, we don’t comb our hair in one direction. In brush up, you can mix it up. The primary requirement of brush up hairstyle is high voluminous hair on the top. For a haircut go for undercut, fade or super short tapering cut. Brush up looks good on wavy and straight hair guys but not on guys with curly hair. Since it will make you very hard to brush the top of curly hair. You can use a good quality pomade to add some texture. Before styling wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Apply some pomade and comb your hair from the font. Finally, once it is set run your fingers through it to get a tousled appearance.

brushed up - men hairstyles for round face


This hairstyle does not work for every guy with the square face but still if you are a guy who doesn’t like a faux hawk and try an adventurous hairstyle you can go for spiky. This hairstyle does not demand you a haircut. You can go for any haircut. Spiky can be styled with short, medium and long hair length on the top. You will be requiring a hair product of high hold. Apply it on your damp hair and for short spiky just comb the hair on the top. For long spiky, you have to thread the spikes and make it stand. This styling requires more time.

cool spiky hairstyle for round face guys

spiky hairstyle for round face guys

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