How To Be a Better Man

If you are wondering how you could become a better man, here are the 10 tips that you can follow that will make you a better version of yourself.

Let’s get started.

1. Have a kick ass morning routine.

Start your day by getting up early. Do some cardio to get energized and burn some fat. Get in the bathroom and take a cold shower. There are numerous benefits of a cold shower like muscle recovery, better blood circulation and boosting your immunity. The next thing to do is to eat a nutritious breakfast. Do not skip breakfast, no matter what. It is the most important meal of the day as it replenishes the glucose levels and provides other vital nutrients to keep your energy levels high.

2. Dress well.

Being dressed well will give you confidence and make you more attractive. However, you should dress according to the occasion. It is strongly recommended to be dressed up to an occasion rather than be dressed down.

3. Be Optimistic.

Have a positive attitude. Focus on the good things in your life. Do not over think about your problems, face it with confidence. Confidence is the key to everything and it is one of the vital attributes of a gentleman. Even if you have all the dope dresses and cars, you need the confidence to pull it off. If you have low self-esteem abide by this golden rule – fake it till you make it.

4. Talk less and listen more.

Overtalking is a bad habit which may result in people disliking you. It can also make people develop a mindset that what you are about to say doesn’t matter that much. Listening is a skill that everyone can equip. Wise people talk less and listen more.

5. Be cool, calm and composed.

Losing control of your emotions is one of the fastest ways to lose the respect of others. A real man is one who feels the emotion of a situation but maintains control of his feelings and remains cool and collected. If a situation annoys or angers you, it is fine to feel annoyed by it but try to be calm and composed. However, it isn’t fine to lose control of your emotions and become irrational. You can do that if you want, but other people won’t respect you.

6. Be Charismatic.

Being charismatic means being magnetic, trustworthy and influential. Be “present” during a conversation by maintaining effective eye contact and listening keenly. This will make them feel special. Greet everyone with a charming smile in a social gathering and be expressive with your body when addressing them. These are all the basics of charisma. We will do a detailed article regarding this.

7. Treat your woman like a gentleman.

Chivalry is simple but often forgotten. Open the door, give her your jacket, help her get seated, etc. These small things don’t make you a doormat; they make you a man, women will respect. But don’t confuse love for respect, it doesn’t work that way.

8. Be Manly

Being manly does not mean being macho. A better man possesses positive qualities of determination, strength, confidence, high moral qualities, honesty, and integrity. A true man has the courage to deal with difficult situations, discomfort or challenges without backing away despite his fear.

9. Manners maketh man.

Stop swearing like a sailor every single second. Say please and thank you. Take your hat/cap/sunglasses off when you enter a room. Put down the cell phone when you go out to eat with friends or family. Give the disgusting spitting habit a rest.

10. Make and be confident in your decisions.

Stop looking for other people’s approval on everything you do in your life. Live life the way you want to and do what you want. Though, you should do so in a manner that respects the life, liberty, and property of others.

Remember that you cannot please everyone all the time. Respect what is asked of you, but don’t make it a point to do every single thing people ask for. Learn to say no (politely).

how to be a better man


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