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How To Be An Alpha Male

How to be an alpha male?

Before that…

Who is an alpha male?

Bad boy + Gentleman = Alpha male.

In a nutshell, alpha males are the dominant men you come across every day in your life. The mindset of an alpha male is to always get what he wants.

Alphas are leaders and builders of the pack. They know how to influence and guide you, so both of you get benefited. But, not all alphas are natural leaders. Some men get the qualities (traits) of an alpha male as they grow and experience things.

So, as of now, you may be a beta/an omega male, who often gets bullied by bullies and never gets to talk in a social gathering. It is all because of your not-an-alpha male mindset. Not all alpha male blogs tell you that.

(This article is written assuming that you are not an alpha male. The simple logic behind it is —a real alpha male never has to read a guide on how to become an alpha male)


I assure you that if you start following these 20 steps, you will definitely become the man that every man respects and every woman wants – THE ALPHA MALE.

Dive in!


Be Well Groomed And Dapperly Dressed

how to become an alpha male - well dressed


Well, you know the basics like brushing twice a day, flossing and showering daily, so I’m gonna skip it.

  • Trim your beard and shave your neckbeard regularly.
  • Get a haircut once in two weeks.
  • Maintain your body hair (chest, arms, pubes, and legs) and trim it, if necessary.
  • If you have a unibrow, use a tweezer to remove it — never ever shave it.
  • Cut your fingernails at least once a week.
  • Use a good fragrance (preferably musk) every time you go out — two shots in the neck and one shot on each wrist.

Now comes the dressing part.

People will always judge you based on what clothes you wear.

Whenever you enter a room, the first thing that everyone notices is your way of dressing. So, it is very important to make a killer first impression and make them think that you are a high-status man.

All alphas are neatly dressed for any occasion. This doesn’t mean you have to wear bespoke suits every day to work/college. All you have to do is wear

  • a clean and ironed shirt.
  • fitted trousers
  • a belt that matches the color of your shoes.

You can add a tie to further accentuate your outfit if it is a formal occasion. Also, never forget to wear a good watch as it subtly shows how responsible you are.

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However, if you think that just being well-dressed will make you an alpha, then you are wrong. Being an alpha male is more than that, so continue reading.

Have Dominant Body Language

Alphas are masters of non-verbal communication aka body language. They know how to command respect by their mere presence.

Here is a list of things you must do to be the alpha male.

how to be an alpha male - alpha male body language

Make Eye Contact

When you enter a room, gaze the entire room. This shows that you are confident and powerful.

If you are passing by someone that you know, make eye contact with them while smiling slowly. This exhibits that you are approachable and friendly.

While having a conversation with someone, look them in the eye and don’t fidget around with your hands. However, if you are addressing a group, try your best to look everybody in the eyes so they don’t feel left out.

Have A Charming Smile

Work on your smile because it is the most attractive thing any person can wear. And, don’t be afraid to show your teeth while you smile.

An alpha male has a charismatic smile and that’s one of the reasons why people find him magnetic (attracted to him).

Give Firm Handshake

shake hands like alpha male traits

Whenever you meet someone for the first time, make it a point to introduce yourselves by giving a firm handshake. But don’t show your dominance by tightly squeezing their hands. A real alpha male never does that.

Also, you should look in the eye (not at the hands) and smile while shaking hands.

Occupy Space

An alpha male is never afraid to occupy space. He displays his power while doing so.

So, walk with a wider stance, spread your arms and legs while sitting and keep your hands in the waist while standing.

Do Things Slowly

Walk slow and steadily. Look up and roll your shoulders back while walking or standing.

Using your hands to fetch something? Do it slowly. Why? Because it is sexier that way.

Be Confident

Confidence is the most attractive character trait a man can possess.

You may not have money. You may not have the looks. But, being confident (not cocky) is enough to get the girls you want.

Stand Out Of The Crowd

In one of the topics, we discussed how alpha males are always dressed for the occasion. However, they are never afraid to stand out of the crowd by wearing bold outfits of their own choice during casual occasions.

You don’t have to fit into the crowd. You have to feel comfortable in your own skin. And, that’s what being an alpha male is all about.

Never Seek For Validation

And don’t get into a fight to prove that you are correct.

An alpha male never has self-doubt. He knows what he is capable of doing and always pushes his limits to get (comfortable) out of his comfort zone. He does whatever he wants without worrying about what people are going to think of him.

Develop Some Courage

how to become an alpha male - confidence and courage

Be brave enough to face things that make you piss your pants.

Imagine a situation where James Bond encounters his enemies unexpectedly in his hotel room. Do you think James Bond is just going to give up without putting up a fight?

An alpha male never panics in stressful condition. He is cool, calm and composed under any circumstances.

You can start off by doing something like approaching girls (who are out of your league) in your school/college/work and ask her number.

If you get her number, do check out our article on How To Text a Girl.

Communicate Well

how to be an alpha male - communication

Don’t Hesitate To Talk To People

Alphas are social animals. An alpha is never afraid to go up to a girl in the bar and break the ice to start a conversation with her. He knows for sure that at the end of the day, nobody remembers what you first spoke when you approached someone.

Alphas are vulnerable and they don’t take themselves seriously at times. They make people laugh and make them feel good at the same time. For this, you don’t have to be a clown, but you can make yourselves the butt of your jokes — self-deprecating humor.

Real alphas are never afraid to ask for help from others if needed. And, they don’t mind sharing the limelight with those who helped him.

Apologize When You Are Wrong

Even alpha males make mistakes or hurt people at some point in their life. Do you think they don’t apologize for it? Bruh!

Don’t apologize for every simple thing because it will make you feel insecure. This doesn’t mean that you can blame others for a mistake that you commit. However, if you have the habit of apologizing to someone for doing no wrong, but, just because they expect it from you — then you are letting them walk over you like you are some carpet.

Never Involve In Gossiping.

An alpha male never gossips. He clearly knows that gossiping is a waste of time and does no good for him. Meanwhile, he constantly tries to improve himself instead of talking sh!t about others.

If you didn’t like how someone behaved towards you, then deal with them like a man rather than complaining like a puss-eh to your friend.


Think Before You Talk

Do not do the opposite or else it will bite you in the arse. An alpha male talks less. But, whenever he talks it is important and people listen to him.

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
– Plato

Alphas are never afraid to give their opinion. They speak the right thing even if people don’t agree with them. And, if alphas think that someone is wrong, then they respectfully disagree with the concerned person.

Most importantly, alphas never lie — have some integrity.

Don’t Offer Free Advice

Alphas don’t go to everyone and tell them what to do unless they ask for help.

If you instructed someone to do a job and they didn’t follow your instructions to complete it, then don’t freaking insist them again to do what you have told them. This literally shouts that you are low-status.

Work Out And be fit

how to become an alpha male - work out like alpha

You like being fit and it should be the only reason why you workout. You should not hit the gym just to impress someone. Also, working out daily gives you confidence.

Meanwhile, don’t get self-absorbed by

  • preening in the mirror all the time
  • flexing your biceps or showing off your abs in every freaking photo you take.

Never post narcissistic photos like mirror selfies after working out in the gym. A real alpha male is not a narcissist.


Be Chivalrous

traits of alpha male - Chivalry

Chivalry is not dead, gentlemen. So, the next time you use public transport, give up your seat for old people. Hold the door for those who come after you. Treat your girl like a gentleman by holding open the car door and helping her get seated.

Alphas are not savages.

Have Self-Esteem

An alpha male respects himself. He always stands up for himself when someone crosses their limit. You should never let people take you for granted. Learn to say no to people. Value your time more than anything.

An alpha male can take constructive criticism and see it as an opportunity to change himself for the betterment. He doesn’t care about destructive criticism (it will affect your confidence).

Be Driven

Driven - alpha male traits

Alpha males are committed to their work. In fact, they are driven to get things done. They prioritize things, be productive and makes zero excuses — characteristics of successful people.

Setting goals and completing it is important for alphas. And, they know that procrastinating and feeling lazy all day is not going to help them achieve their goals.

An alpha male also fails at things as we do. But, he doesn’t fall into a deep pit of self-pity when he fails. He sees failure as a way to grow/ an opportunity to improve himself.

So, invest in yourself and spend time to get good at things. Find something you are so passionate about, such that it drives you crazy when you reach your goals. You might face some obstacles during your journey but never quit. Strive hard for what you want.

Be Decisive

Alpha males are leaders of a pack. The pack follows the decision of the alpha male. So, it is obvious that alphas are assertive.

So, you have to start making better decisions from hereon. Think before you decide and stick to it once you have decided or else people think you are fickle-minded.

Be open to suggestions, but don’t solely change yourself just because someone criticized you, think whether it is good or bad for you and then make a decision.

Be Kind

And be down to the earth (humble) — do not flex what you have.

alpha male traits - Keanu Reeves kindness

Alpha males are good-natured and they help others off-camera/ when people don’t see. Being selfless, kind, and considerate of others are the alpha male traits that separate themselves from being typical bad boys.

A real alpha male is considerate of others and defends the mistreated. So, the next time when you see someone get bullied, stand up for them.


Ultimately, being an alpha male is all about being yourself. But, you cannot be an alpha if you think that you are not alpha.

Don’t take this article very seriously. Don’t think that you have to do everything listed above to become an alpha male. Create your own style and get comfortable in your own skin — that’s what being an alpha male is all about.

Promise me that you won’t read any more typical “How To Be An Alpha Male” articles and live your life to the fullest — as an alpha.

If you found this article informative, then why don’t you share it with the boys? 😜

Peace ✌️.


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