How To Be More Decisive

How to be more decisive?

Before we answer that question…

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it
– Charles R. Swindoll

No woman likes a guy who doesn’t know what he wants in a relationship or his life and no boss likes an employee who comes to him for even a small thing.

An indecisive man goes with the flow like a dead fish. Your doing has to be based on your decision: where you want to be, whom you want to be, what you wanna do right now, doesn’t matter even if it is a small one.

Here we are gonna discuss how to become a decisive human being; a powerful one, who has command over every second of his life. A man of wrong choices and decisions doesn’t become a successful one, so it is important to know how to make good decisions too.

Dive in!

How to be more decisive

Know the what, when and how

It will be time-efficient to make decisions when you’re crystal clear on what you’re trying to achieve, why you’re trying to achieve it (mission) and how you are planning to achieve it (values and strategy). This helps many questions answer themselves.

It saves all the mental energy, makes it much easier and faster to make a decision and be clear on what you are going to reap for all your hard and smart work.

Take all the time you need

Don’t ever let anyone push you in making a decision, for it might end up in choosing what they wanted to do and not what you really wanted to do.

Any decision that is made in a hurry is for no good. Be a man and say aloud, “You will have my answer when I am good and ready.” This might be a competitive world, but it’s fine for you to walk slowly in a busy street. You don’t have to match up to anybody’s speed.

List out the Pros and cons

“God! I really don’t know what to do. People say that I have to be is decisive though I’m clueless.” I hear you screaming man.

There might be a situation where you might be helpless and want to look out for help. You are there yourself all the time.

Give this a try bro. Take out a paper or the notes in your phone and start listing out the pain and pleasure of taking that particular decision. As you reach the end of the listing process and I am pretty sure you would have known what to do.

Ask why do you hesitate

Why you are hesitating to take a decision of your own!? — Look at the mirror and ask yourself

If it is because of

  • fear — eliminate and overcome it,
  • doubts (an evil enemy telling you are not ready) — push through it,
  • anxiety — jump and get yourself into a situation where you have to execute without having the time to overthink.

Build up your confidence and don’t hesitate to learn something new to become a better man.

Set a deadline with a default choice

If you could see yourself procrastinating, then setting a deadline is a better option for you. Don’t let your mind deviate. If you fully focus on what you have to do, you will definitely get it done.

As a backup plan, set a default choice. If you couldn’t come to a conclusion, go for the default choice that you have chosen with the help of your friends/well-wishers/all by yourself.

Make a decision, and walk into the room as you own it.

Force yourself to be in a situation

Though many of us are not willing to put ourselves in such situations, it is found to be very effective.

Let me tell you how it is done. With full intent put yourself in situations where you will have to make a decision. Examples:

  • setting up interviews — forces you to be confident and look for obstacles and challenges,
  • quitting a boring but well-paying job — forces you to do a job that you love, even if it does pays you much, or
  • informing your landlord that you are moving out your lease — forces you to decide on a new place to live if you move out

It may sound lame but man! You got it.

All of these situations force your hand at being assertive and making a confident decision. Just make it extreme and exciting.

Look into the past

Before taking any decision, look into your past. See yourself there, standing as an indecisive man who let all the circumstances, people and reasons walk over him. This is will give you a reason to see why it is important for you to make a decision right now.

Also, look into the past, not just to bring a change but also to avoid any mistake to repeat that a previous decision you have made cost you.

No smart man would repeat his mistakes.

Go with your guts

Not all situations need a lot of time to think about. Don’t overthink and just go with your instinct. Sounds insane, right? But… Yeah, sometimes you just gotta do it.

Take a deep breath and think about the possible outcomes.

If you can live them, go for it. If it goes wrong, it’s fine because we learn from our mistakes and after all life is all about overcoming our fears. As we learn from our mistakes, we become a better person day by day.

You don’t have to be perfect.

No regrets ever

Sometimes we might want to take the less taken road, maybe even if we weren’t sure what was at the other end of the road. But it is fine, give it a shot. The other road might be what others want you to take, it might be safe but it is not the one you want to take.

What could possibly happen if anything goes wrong? It will be an experience and a new lesson added to the life-journey book.

Not doing what you wanted to do is regretful than taking a wrong decision. Let us not tell “wish I had done it” and tell “I did what I wished for”.

So fear not to be decisive and listen to your heart.

no ragrets ever

What’s next?

Decisiveness is not a skill to be trained for. It is an emotion, art to be mastered. When you are decisive you could feel confidence, strength, and endurance rushing through your blood. Oops! Sorry, it got all dramatic. I was trying to make a point.

Be a decisive man, look at yourself standing firmly with your head high with a voice loud, clear and resonated just like your thoughts. Definitely, it feels indifferent to be like this than to be confused and unsure. Embrace uncertainty and expect the unexpected out of your decisions. It is perfect to be good enough than being perfect itself.

Hope this article lets you know how to be decisive and I know, you are gonna rock it my mate.

Happy deciding!


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