how to get a girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend?

Probably, one question that baffles men.

But, before I answer the question…

If you a guy, who is desperately in need of a girlfriend, then you should stop reading and go get a life.

If you aren’t that guy, proceed…

When women can’t herself know what she wants, how can a man understand her and win her heart?

Pretty much challenging right?

Today, I’m gonna give you some tips that you must know if you are trying to get a girlfriend. Being a woman, I will provide much more sensible advice than your friends, who show off with the number of girls they got laid with.

What are we waiting for?!

Let’s get started.

1. Stop trying too hard

Yeah! You read it right.

Stop trying to get a girlfriend.

Just get into an interactive conversation with a girl out there without expecting anything in return as you wouldn’t from your other friends. In that case, you would definitely stand out from a group of men who are trying to woo her.

You might have seen that even if a guy is ready to do anything for her, and goes to any extent to win her heart, the girl just wouldn’t love him. Instead, she would just see him as a desperate, needy guy. Just be yourself, casual, impulsive, and don’t be afraid to speak for what you are, what represents you.

An immediate approach may make her feel that you are just attracted to her for the way she looks and not for what she is. However, she would be impressed when you try to know her personally.

Every girl would love something challenging and not something which comes her way easily. This is the important thing you should know before getting to know the other steps in getting a girlfriend.

2. First impression

Girls are so simple to handle. You don’t have to suit yourself up. If you aren’t a guy who isn’t much into fashion, it’s totally fine.

Girls don’t look for those models in the magazine with leather jackets and boots but wouldn’t ignore one, if he comes in her way.

You can keep it simple — black or white tee/shirt with a dark washed denim, decent shoes and a pretty good hair cut is enough. She would definitely love it.

get a girlfriend - white tee and dark denim

When you put the effort in the way you present yourself, it will not only get you the attention of many women in the room but including everyone else.

A killer first impression is not only important when you are trying to impress a girl but it also helps you in every other stuff too (during interviews, business meetings, etc…).

3. Know how to approach her

Most men will have have to deal with approach anxiety.

How to get rid of approach anxiety?

Approach as many girls as possible even the ones you are not attracted to. By doing this, you will know how to talk to a girl.  Now, before you talk to any girl, get off all the negative thoughts out of your mind.

Know this, you aren’t less than any other guy in the room, and no girl is out of your league. If you are a happy and positive guy, you would automatically become super attractive.

How to get the girl you want?

  • Introduce yourself. If you feel like she feels comfortable with your presence, then tell her what you feel about her — Classic.
  • You could also use any indirect openers — come up with any questions to break the ice. Example, ask her about any shop or direction or ask for an opinion. Then, proceed to compliment about a physical or personality trait – preferable – that you find attractive in her. Don’t be a douche and comment “You look sexy, babe!”
  • Or, get yourself a wingman who could make things easy for you.

Barney stinson the wingman

4. Confidence is the key

Confidence is a key element when you are to trying to get yourself a girl. No girl can resist a confident guy. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will too.

She sees what you see in yourself, and she sees how you carry yourself. This is the reason why girls are primarily attracted to bad boys and alpha males. He always gets the girl he wants.

Tips to be confident af:

  • Always try to keep eye contact and boldly tell her what made you go talk to her.
  • Keep smiling and lean a little backward when you talk to her, so you don’t freak her out.
  • Be honest to her (or anyone) from the moment you start talking.
  • Always maintain a neutral or downward intonation.
  • Don’t be afraid of being yourself.

5. Genuine compliments

Not all girls are still living in the fantasy world waiting for her Prince Charming to come and make her a cute girlfriend of his. So, flirty pick-up lines would make her run away from you.

Instead, give her genuine compliments. Tell her what made you talk to her. It doesn’t have to be anything big.

Girls are always impressed by the small things you do. Tell her if you find her smile cute, eyes lovely, if you love the way she ties up her hair or the way she walks. Anything genuine will definitely make her smile. So, think out of the box, notice a small detailed thing.

6. Tease her!

Let her know that you are friendly, quirky and fun to be around. Girls love guys who can make her laugh. Period.

guy teasing a girl

Whenever you tease and give her that little tension to relief, she would love to be around you. It gives her a subconscious feeling that you and your genes are cool.

But, be careful and don’t tease her in front of others or with anything that’s personal which might hurt her feelings or her self respect. Instead, point out the cute or funny things she does.

Girls like it when small things are noticed.

7. Do not fake your interests

Fake your interests — This is the lamest advice anyone can give.

Let’s be practical. Do you really think faking your interests to please her and succeed in getting her to like you will be any good in the long run?

When you stick to your opinions and interests, it would also give you chances to tease her, and have a long conversation. It also shows her that you are not afraid to confront your thoughts and it makes her rely on you that you are honest.

Make her feel that you respect the difference of opinions and interest. It would be lovely to do stuff that the person you love is interested in just to make them happy. But, you are not a pushover.

8. Be all ears

Listen to her. Girls would love it when someone is all ears because all she ever wanted is to be heard.

guy listening to girl

Hearing is different from listening. When you listen, you could also prolong the conversation, and also tease her. Don’t try to get flirty, be nice and try to know her.

But, make sure that you to participate in the conversation and she doesn’t feel that she is the one who has to make it up. Also, know when to stop the conversation, because too much of availability is good for nothing.

Make sure you have her number/Instagram before you leave to plan a date.

9. Know how to text her

So you got her number/Instagram, what’s next?

how to text your girlfriend

Building attraction via text 101:

  • Too much texting will be of no good again.
  • Don’t be always available. Immediate quick replies make her feel that you haven’t got any life and you are just thinking about her.
  • Don’t ask her questions like what are you doing? Did you eat lunch? Man, you are not here to babysit her.
  • One word replies are not appreciated, so the super long ones too.
  • Text so that you could organize meet or date. A face to face conversation, enjoying the moment wouldn’t beat anything. Isn’t it fun to run around the roads, look at the sky and laugh, instead of texting each other?

These are the basics. Read more in How To Text a Girl.

10. Give her the space she wants

When you like someone or you want someone to be your girlfriend, you would always want to be around her and know what she is doing every minute. But, doing this would definitely freak her out.

Instead, give her some space. Sometimes girls can be too moody and want to spend time alone in peace. You don’t have to be there every minute of her life to win her heart. You have to be there in the important times, in her ups and downs.

Don’t think about her all the time. Do your works and enjoy your life.

11. Don’t get friend zoned

It will be really hard for a girl to look at a guy as her boyfriend if she had looked at him as a friend. So, it is very important when you are trying to make her your girlfriend that you don’t get friend-zoned.

friendzoned meme

Playful harmless flirting would let her know that you are interested in her.

Don’t be afraid to make a move (if she gives the signs) to take your relationship to the next level.

12. Plan dates

Go on a date. What else could be a better idea to know each other?

Avoid going on a movie for the first date, as it would be awkward and you wouldn’t get much to talk to one another.


Instead, choose a place where you both can interact well or play together. Any place that brings you both closer or intimate, such as the zoo, carnival fare or park. Even you can take her (for the second or successive dates) to a romantic candlelight dinner or to your favorite place, where you sit under the skies gazing at the stars because it’s always the small things that make someone happy.


Don’t forget to compliment her at the very start of your date, even it’s the nth date.

Why? Because girls would spend a lot of time in front of the mirror choosing the right dress, shoe, hairdo, and to do makeup. She will be way too much disappointed if her efforts are not appreciated.

Now, don’t be needy and try to lock down the next date. Instead, give her a gentle hug and kiss in the cheek/forehead. Tell her you had an amazing time and would love to meet her again.

13. Show that you care

When you both have become really close, when you get to know that she is interested in you and when you know that she can become your girlfriend, you can show that you care about her.

care for your girlfriend

Simple things you can do to let her know that you care:

  • Sending flirty good morning texts to her might be a tiny thing, but, you really don’t know how much happiness it would give her.
  • Asking how her day was could be a sweet text after a rough day.
  • Being interested in knowing her aim, desire or anything that matters to her will mean a lot. Don’t ask her because you have to, and show genuine interest when she replies to you.

14. Play hard to get

Isn’t it human nature to want something more when you can’t have it?

Exactly this is how it works.

Don’t be available all the time.

When it becomes hard for her to know you, and when you become a puzzle, the more she wants to discover you.

The more mysterious you are, the more desirable you will be. But you have to stop being mysterious after a point, maybe when you have gained her attention enough.

If you are looking for something meaningful, you have to show your good and bad side, let it in her hands to decide if she wants to become your girlfriend or not.

be yourself man girlfriend

15. Be yourself

Last but not least, you could do anything to win a girl’s heart but none of those shouldn’t change what you feel about yourself or who you are.

Everything that you do should have a shade of yourself, your belief and what you truly are. Even if it’s a small thing but if it makes you uncomfortable in any way, you shouldn’t do it — even the price is losing her.

Think! Will you be able to do something just because you can make her smile now?

Maybe this small thing would have made her love you, but if it’s not something you are comfortable doing, you will be not able to do it forever and maybe that can break her heart.

So, be yourself when you are trying to make someone your girlfriend.

Maybe understanding a girl is something hard, but it is not that you can never do it.

Girls just want to be listened to, respected (as much as you want to be), given a choice — let them know that their opinions do matter, comforted with a hug, a kiss in the forehead, chocolates, and ice cream (which would make her go crazy during her mood swings).

Make sure you make decisions with her instead of telling her the final decision, keep a small flower that you picked up from the garden in her table, leave a lovely note when you leave in the morning, treat them well before others, aren’t ashamed to hold her hands in front of the crowd.

Sometimes a call would make her heart smile on a no notifications day.

Only when you are yourself around her, she will not be afraid to be herself and would feel comfortable. Never try to own her, instead, try to know her for who she is.

Not every girl out there wants diamonds and cars.

She wants someone caring like you!

Yeah, YOU!!!

I hope these were good tips in letting you know how to get a girlfriend to walk with happily.

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