how to grow hair faster for men

How To Grow Hair Faster For Men

If you do a simple google search like how to grow hair faster you will see a bunch of señoritas has posted videos about the magic hair mask prepared by just an egg and oil. Moreover, they promise that following what was shown in that video will make your hair grow an inch and a half with a single application and washing after 30 minutes. To support their point, a lot of false/fake comments claiming that thing actually works and blah blah blah…So, I was like “Dude, I’m gonna post an article helping my bros out there, who are forced to add ‘for men’ to their search” – how to grow hair faster for men.

Well, I’m not going to waste your time anymore.

Let’s bounce into the article.


#1. Have a Balanced Diet

how to grow hair faster for men

Shoulda seen it coming …

Okay, dad jokes aside.

A diet deficient in certain vitamins and minerals may slow hair growth and decrease the health of hair. Specifically, it’s important to get enough vitamins like A, C, and E to maintain a healthy scalp. The foods that contain these essential vitamins are fish liver oil, dairy, leafy greens, and citrus fruits.

Vitamins like biotin (vitamin B7)vitamins B5, B6, and B12 help prevent hair loss and benefit your hair grain. You can find these in wholegrain, brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, and vegetables. Also, you can take supplements like a multivitamin, if you cannot add these foods to your diet.

About 85% of your hair is made up of keratin, a protein. Accordingly, you need to take in a considerable amount of proteins to promote good hair growth. The amount of protein you should be eating daily is [( Your bodyweight in lbs )] grams.

Example, if you are 60 kg or 132.277 lbs, you should take in 132.77 grams of protein daily.

#2. Stay Hydrated

how to grow hair faster for men

Research shows that water makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair. So, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep you hydrated.

Your hair ends will become split and damaged, if you are dehydrated. Also, your scalp becomes dry and causes flaking.

#3. Massage Your Scalp

how to grow hair faster for men

Massaging your scalp with the purpose of hair growth requires applying pressure on the scalp using fingers. This is essentially done to increase the blood circulation to the hair follicles, rejuvenate the roots and condition the scalp.

The growth of the hair starts from the root, which is in the scalp, so good scalp health equals good hair growth.

Hair follicles are made up of hyperactive stem cells, which, when given a boost of oxygen, hair growth is promoted.

Massaging dilates small arteries within your scalp that increase the blood flow to follicles. They also improve the texture of hair, making it thicker and stronger over time.

Bonus tips:

  1. Buy a good scalp massager.
  2. Massage your hair with oils like argan oil, olive oil or coconut oil.

#4. Trim Your Hair Regularly

how to grow hair faster for men

The myth that cutting hair can make it grow faster persists because, in fact, regular trims can improve the look and feel of hair.

By trimming un-healthy split ends, your hair will have less breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and even shinier. This will make your hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less and, thus, grow longer in a shorter amount of time.

#5. Don’t Brush Your Hair Often

how to grow hair faster for men

Never brush your hair when it is soaking wet. Your hair is more prone to damage and falling when it is wet.

Also, brushing causes friction on hair, leading to cuticle damage and breakage, which makes hair lusterless and frizzy. Brush your hair minimally (only to detangle or style), and use the right tools – a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush with ball-tipped, plastic bristles.

Avoid boar-bristle brushes since natural brushes aren’t uniform, so they’re especially harsh to your hair.

#6. Avoid Heat

how to grow hair faster for men

Heat is not good for your hair as it will damage the hair as well as your scalp. So, it is important to use a heat protectant every time you use a blow dryer or straightening/flat iron. Don’t go too close to the scalp when using these hair styling tools.

Using heat every day will make your hair drier and more brittle. So, try to avoid it.

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#7. Shampoo Less


Shampooing every day can dry your hair by washing out all of your natural oils on the scalp, which can slow down hair growth.

Shampooing three times a week should be adequate to keep your hair clean. If your hair feels greasy during the week, use a dry shampoo instead. On other days, simply rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water and apply conditioner.

Conditioner replenishes oils lost during the shampooing process. Never neglect to apply a quality conditioner to your hair on the days you shampoo. It’s vital to replenish your hair to keep it strong, which promotes growth.

Bonus tip: Use a sulfate free shampoo. 

#8. Use Silk Pillowcases


Most people sleep on cotton pillowcases, but they can contribute to ongoing hair problems, including knots, damaged hair, frizzy hair, and dry hair. The good news is that all these problems are easily addressed by switching to a silk or satin pillowcase.

Silk allows the hair to slide around on your pillow effortlessly, so you wake to smoother hair. This luxurious fabric also helps your hair retain its moisture since it’s not as absorbent as cotton.

If you really love your cotton pillowcase and aren’t ready to make the switch, just wrap your hair in a silk scarf (not so tight) to keep it protected when you’re sleeping.

#9. Take Cold Showers


Never take a hot shower, since it will lead to dryness of your hair and make your hair appear frizzy. There are plenty of advantages of cold shower over hot shower since it will close your pores present in the scalp and prevent the accumulation of dirt.

A cold shower also retains moisture in your scalp and increases hair growth. Don’t shower with freezing cold water as it may constrict the capillaries on your scalp that carry nutrients and pick up waste products from the skin’s surface.

#10. Sleep Well


Sleep plays an important role in allowing the body to repair, regenerate and promote hair growth. Your body gets weak without enough sleep and it fails to absorb nutrients to maintain health, resulting in the weakened immune system, loss of hair volume and sheen, diffused hair across the scalp and receding hairline. So, about 7-8 hours of sleep every night is ideal.

#11. Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

apple cider vinegar

The main reason for hair loss is dandruff and bacteria. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and cleans the scalp to remove dandruff. Also, it balances the pH level of the scalp and removes any dead skin from hair follicles that could be preventing new hair growth.

So, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar before your normal shampoo routine one or two times per week.

#12. Don’t Stress Yourself


High stress is a common cause of hair fall. Stress caused due to physiological and psychological factors negatively affects the health and growth of hair. It makes hair lose its density and volume and makes it look dull and malnourished. You can figure out a way to burn your stress like going out for a walk or watching a funny video on YouTube.

Don’t stress yourself about the length of your hair too. Be Patient. Chill, bro.

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