what can you do at 18 - 100 things to do at 18

What Can You Do At 18? | 100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18

Every new or to be 18-year-olds will have this question “What can I do at 18?”

Being an 18-year-old myself, I searched the web like you to find out what are the things I can do. And to help you guys out I compiled them into this article.

So here are 100 things you can do when 18 but you may have done (few illegally) before you become 18:

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1. Vote

100 things you can do when your 18 - Vote

By the time you are 18, you will have the right to vote. Your country will recognize you as a fully legal citizen and you can now decide who runs the country.

You must express your choice by casting a vote.

2. Open a checking account

When you are 18, you will be eligible to get open a bank account for your own. You will feel fresh waves of independence.

Your bank account (checkings account) will be useful for everyday money transactions.

3. Get a debit card

100 things you can do when your 18 - Debit card

If you open a checking account the bank will give you a debit card right away or it will be mailed in a week or two.

4. Write a check (cheque)

Before writing a check, you have to order a checkbook from your bank. You can apply it online or from your bank in person by providing relevant information. A checkbook will cost you around $25, but owning one will make you feel sophisticated.

What’s better? Writing a check.

5. Open a savings account

100 things you can do when your 18 - Bank account

You can open a savings account to put some money in it and let it compound. This is the perfect time to start saving money. As saving $5 per day every day for 40 years will make you a millionaire — power of compound interest.

The difference between checking and savings account is that the interest rate is high for the latter.

6. Start saving for a better future

So you have opened a savings account and know the power of compound interest, now you have two options, start saving or regret after 40 years. Choose wisely.

7. Get a credit card

When you are 18, you will be old enough to own a credit card. By that time, you could go to your bank with the required documents and apply for a credit card. However, you may need a co-signer (preferably parent or guardian who has good credit) to help you get your credit card if you don’t have a stable source of income.

Else, apply for a prepaid credit card.

8. Keep up your credit score

100 things you can do when your 18 - Credit score

So you got your credit card. Now, this doesn’t mean that you could spend the money lavishly. Doing this will lowers your credit score and put your co-signer at risk. Needless to say, you will fall into a debt trap.

Be a financially responsible person and keep up your credit score from the start. Use credit cards only in case of an emergency.

9. Get your PAN

It is a laminated card with a 10-digit alphanumeric number issued by the Indian Income Tax Department and is mandatory for any communication with it. You can still apply for a PAN card if you are a minor (18-), but you won’t have your photograph in it. And, you have to update your photograph after becoming an 18-year-old.

Foreigners should apply for a PAN card if they wish to do business or invest in India.

10. Become independent

100 things you can do when your 18 - Independent

You no longer have to depend on your parents and ask for their approval for every single decision you take. But, always hear what they have to say and then decide wisely.

You are 18 years old now and you have to start making your own decisions.

11. Decide your career

You must decide what you are going to do with your life at least when you are 18 years old. This is the most important decision of your life so take it carefully and wisely as you should not regret it once you have decided.

12. Make your life plans

While deciding your career is a part of making life plans, I want you to plan what you want to do and achieve. Follow your passion or develop a side hustle to keep you happy while you study and work. Think about how you want to live after retirement and work hard for it every day to live peacefully.

This age should be a turning point in your life.

13. Apply and study for exams

100 things you can do when your 18 - Exams

By the time you are 18, you will have completed your twelfth grade. This is the right time to boost your preparation for competitive exams like SAT, JEE, etc.. and get into a good college or university.

14. Take a drop year if you want

You are 18 and you can decide your own life. If you want to get into a prestigious institution, you can prepare for the competitive exams by taking a drop year.

You can also use this drop year to think and reflect on your actions and learn from it.

15. Work full-time jobs

If higher studies are not your thing, you can work full time in business establishments or organizations that require only up to school education or no education.

16. Work in a bar and serve alcohol

100 things you can do when your 18 - Bartender

The bar is the type of business establishment we were talking about to work full time. If your dad owns a bar or for some reason if serving alcohol is your dream job, you can serve alcohol now.

17. Work more hours

That doesn’t sound fun, however, you’ll be able to make extra money for a vacation. Before you are 18, some laws limit your working hours, but once you are 18, you can work more hours legally.

18. Build streams of income

If you think working more hours is stupidity, I completely agree. You can always build other streams of income in the time you are working extra hours. The good news is nobody can stop you as you are 18 and independent.

Finding a side hustle and investing time and money into it will help you retire even faster with craploads of money for your retirement.

19. Become an entrepreneur

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - Entrepreuner

If you want to be the 1%, you have to be an entrepreneur. Working more hours to make your superiors rich is nothing compared to running your own business. Even, it could be an online business like YouTube, blogging or dropshipping.

20. Invest in the share market

You will be needing a PAN card (if you are from India) and a lot of money to start investing in the share markets. You can seek the help of a stockbroker to invest in it. However, you need to pay a brokerage fee.

It is the right time to start (if you haven’t already) learning about how stocks work and how to make a living out of it.

21. Cash savings bonds

Savings bonds are one of the riskless investment. You can cash savings bonds in the banks if you are a U.S person. But, you have to wait at least 20 years for the bond to get mature, i.e, to double the amount you invested.

22. Buy something from an infomercial

You probably would have heard many commercials say that only 18 years or older can only place an order. Now is the perfect time to place an order on an infomercial as you are old enough to. All you have to do now is give a ring!

23. Pawn something

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - pawn

If you are 18 years old and in short of money, you can pawn any valuable item you own like gold to get some extra cash. But remember, don’t make this a habit.

24. Sell something in a pawnshop

Try your luck selling unwanted things at a pawnshop. Why? ‘Cause you can when you are 18 and you don’t want those things anyway. Also, who knows? Your grand father’s card collection might cover a year’s expense.

25. Sue someone

Now that you know investing, working, running a business, buying and selling things online, there is a lot of money happening around you. You can be cheated or deceived while doing business with people. At these times don’t give up that you have nothing to do. You can go to a civil court with your problem and sue them for good.

26. Or get sued

So, be a man of your word and pay people if you told them that you will/ had signed a contract.

27. Gamble

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - Gamble

Yes, you can gamble when you are 18 years old. Do we recommend it? NO.

If you want to get rich fast, you can try… wait, that is illegal.

28. Buy a lottery ticket

If the chances of becoming rich by gambling are low, then winning a lottery is exponentially low. Of course, you can buy a lottery ticket at the age of 18, but you should be extremely lucky to win one.

29. Bet on a horse race

You are a Peaky Blinders fan like me, and you wanted to know when you can bet on a horse race, here you go, the answer is 18. If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders, you are missing out.

Like gambling, we do not suggest you lose your money like this.

30. Get your driver’s license

Time to get your driver’s license. If you are like me, you would have been waiting to turn 18 just to get this license. Having a license to drive a car or motorcycle empowers you.

31. Ride a motorcycle

what can you do at 18 - ride motorcycle

You can ride a real motorcycle (above 125cc engine) with a license when you turn 18.

32. Drive a taxi

If you wanted to get some extra cash and you happen to own a Prius, you can register as a driver for Uber. The essentials are a Private Hire Vehicle license, updating your car insurance for business use, and your Prius should be less than 5 years old.

33. Drive a truck

If you wish to drive a truck, you might need to get a special license for that. This will allow you to drive trucks (lorries) between 3500kg and 7500kg connected with a trailer up to 750kg.

34. Become a commercial pilot

You have undergone rigorous training to become a pilot, you can get a commercial pilots license by this time. You can even occupy the flight decks of the airplane at the age of 18 if you are lucky enough.

However, you can fly any private airplane with a private pilot’s license.

35. Ride a Jet Ski

If you want to ride a jet ski on your own, you have to be at least 18 years old. You can ride a jet ski at 16 or even 12 in some states in America with the presence of an adult within 500 yards.

36. Climb a mountain

what can you do at 18 - climb a mountain

Youll be needing a lot of training to do this. But, hey, you can do it at 18 if its what you wanted to do since you were a kid.

37. Perform MMA in UFC

If you are a fighter who wants to get to the big stage to exhibit your talent, then you can do it now. UFCs and Bellator only sign in 18 years or older fighters for obvious reasons.

Performing in the UFC is a dream for every MMA fighters.

38. BASE jump

Also known as B.A.S.E jumping is an extreme sport that takes some guts to jump from fixed objects such as building, antenna, span, and earth (cliffs) with a parachute or wingsuit. You have to be at least 18 years old to jump on your own with prior training.

It is a low altitude jump and dangerous.

39. Skydive

If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, then you would have always wanted to skydive. The adrenaline rush you’d get while diving off a plane is worth waiting and training till you are 18 years old.

Skydiving is considered less dangerous than BASE jumping, as it is a high altitude jump and the chances of opening your parachute successfully are higher comparatively.

40. Perform professionally abroad

what can you do at 18 - dancing

Be it from singing, dancing or public speaking, you can now perform abroad as your age is liable for it. So don’t miss a golden opportunity if you get one.

41. Enter daytime TV competitions

Most of the day time TV competitions require you to be of the age of 18 to participate. Once you turn 18 you could try your luck by applying for your dream reality show or commercial TV show. Who wants to miss the chance of being on TV?

42. Online dating

Yes, you can change the fake date of birth you provided on the dating site to your original date of birth as you are officially 18 and can date online. If you are new to online dating, it’s still the right time to give it a try.

43. Marry your love

what can you do at 18 - marriage

You can marry your love once you both are 18 years old. You don’t need your parent’s permission for it. But, I do not recommend you to marry at the age of 18, because you need to get your life together at first.

44. Or register a civil partnership

If you are gay, you can register a civil partnership. Registering a civil partnership/union gives legal recognition for same-sex relationships. This grants you all the rights of marriage.

Also, you don’t need parental permission for this.

45. Adopt a child

If you are married or single at the age of 18, but still want to adopt a child, you can. It’s a beautiful move that could even change your life forever.

The child will become your responsibility so make sure you take good care of the child. You could either look after the child on your own or pay for the child’s expenses completely.

46. If you are adopted, you can apply to see a copy of your original birth certificate

You might have wanted answers for the past 18 years, now you can have some.

47. Change your name

what can you do at 18 - name

When you are 18 you can change your name if you want to. You may be one of those people who grew up hating your name because it is long, old or just childish.

48. Change your looks

At this age, you will be going to college so you probably will want to start something fresh. You can always get an edgy haircut and change your style by buying new trendy outfits.

49. Go to the gym

There are no restrictions before you are 18 years old, but I’m putting it out there so that at least this will motivate you non-gym goers to go to the gym and take care of your body.

In planet fitness, you need a parent or guardian while the sign up if you are under 18.

50. Take care of your skin


If you want to look good while 40, you have to start taking care of your skin from now.

51. Learn to cook

Cooking is an attractive hobby for men. You don’t have to be 18 to cook, but if you don’t know how to cook at least one meal, you should start learning by now.

52. Get a sim card in your name

If you’ve always wanted to buy a SIM card in your name, 18 years is enough to buy one or maybe two.

53. Get insurances

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - insurances

Get all the insurances for safety when you are 18. Insurance can help in case of an unexpected event which can cause financial loss.

54. Go to a festival

Few festivals allow only adults to enter. So by the time you are 18, you can buy a ticket and enter into those festivals on your own.

55. Get out of your parents’ house

If you want to know how hard it is to live alone all on your own, then move out of your parents’ house. Nobody can stop you as you are an adult now.

56. Travel solo

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - travel solo

18 is a good age to start traveling and exploring the nook and corners of the world. The toughest part is convincing your parents though.

57. Enlist yourself in the army

If you are interested in a career in the army, then you have the full right to enlist yourself in the army and serve your nation.

58. Serve on a jury

You can serve on a jury when you become 18 years old.

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - donate blood

When you are 18 you will be old enough to donate blood. This is a good thing and you can do this when you are at this age and every year.

60. Carry an organ donor card

You are eligible to get an organ donor card at the age of 18. If you are underage, you need a parent or guardian to give consent.

Similar to blood donation but the red blood cells and platelets are returned to the donor. Only plasma is kept by the clinic.

62. Stand for election as a member of parliament

You can become an MP at the age of 18 in the UK and Australia but not in other countries like the USA (21 years) and India (25 years).

63. Become a local councilor or a local mayor

You just need to be 18 years of age to become a local councilor or mayor.

64. Become a school governor

Anyone who is 18 or above can become a school governor.

65. Sign a contract

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - sign contract

At 18 years of age, you can sign a contract and be legally responsible for it.

66. Own land

You can buy and own the land in your name when you turn 18.

67. Buy a house or flat

You can to buy a house or flat when you are 18 if you can enough money.

68. Apply for a mortgage

You can apply for a mortgage loan your house, car, or any other property if you are in serious need of cash.

69. Rent an apartment

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - buy house

If you move out of your parent’s house, you can not crash at your friend’s place or hotel for long. You have to rent an apartment, which you can at the age of 18.

70. Get an Airbnb

You must be 18 years or older to get an Airbnb and use its services.

71. Book a hotel room

If you travel around and have no place to crash, you can always book a hotel room when you are 18.

72. Book a cruise

You can book a cruise at 18, but the question is do you have craploads of money to spend on it?

73. Write your will

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - will

If you mature enough and have any assets, you could write your will organizing which ones you will be leaving for whom after you die.

74. Run a marathon

The minimum age for participating in most marathons is 18. Congratulations! You are now eligible to run a marathon.

75. Buy a car

Owing a car is THE dream of every teenager. Now, you can buy one in your name.

76. Get a tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo, you can at 18. But, keep it minimal as removing a tat is a long painful process.

77. Drink alcohol

100 Things You Can Do When You Are 18 - alcohol

When you are 18 you will have the right to drink in Canada, Australia, and other European countries. You cant drink in the USA though.

78. Buy cigarettes

And smoke them when you become 18. Remember, it is bad for your health.

79. Buy a pet

If you wanted to buy a pet dog or cat on your own, then this is the right time to buy.

80. Get a dangerous wild animal (DWA) license

If you want to own a pet snake or crocodile, you need to have a DWA license for that. And, you need to be at least 18 years old to get a DWA license.

81. Get piercings

You get piercings on your own when you are 18. But, don’t get pierced all over your body.

82. Buy fireworks

When you are 18 you are finally old enough to buy fireworks. Now you can choose the fireworks you want for New Year and Christmas.

83. Buy spray paint

what can you do at 18 - spray paint

It may sound like something small but trust me it is exciting.

When you turn 18 you will be able to buy spray paint legally and use it. There are legal graffiti walls all around the globe.

84. Buy tobacco

By the time you turn 18, you will be able to buy tobacco. However, the intake of tobacco is not recommended unless it’s for a medicinal purpose.

85. Get a Costco membership

When you are 18 you will finally be able to get a Costco club membership. It is expensive so make sure you have enough money for it.

86. Watch age-restricted videos on YouTube

If you haven’t used a fake date of birth for your google account, you can now watch age-restricted videos on YouTube. But, I know you sneaky boys would have watched them already, but just for your information…

87. Play R-rated video games

what can i do at 18 play mature games

I and my friends played GTA when we were kids. They are R rated though. I’m sure if you are a gamer, you would have played these games before you were 18. Like I said before, just FYI…

88. Watch adult videos online


You would have done that before 18.

89. Buy adult videos online

Wait. Who buys these things online? Anyhow you can buy one when you’re 18.

90. Buy adult magazines

If you wanted to own a collection of adult magazines since you hit puberty, when you turn 18 you can go buy a few.

91. Consent to have sex

Remember, consent is important.

92. Watch an 18 certificate (R rated) film at the cinema

You need to provide photo I.D to purchase a ticket though.

93. Get accounts on 18+ websites

what can you do at 18 - websites

Some freelancing websites require you to be 18 years or older to get an account.

94. Visit a strip club

If you want to go to a strip club with the boys, you can do it when you are 18 years old.

95. Or be a stripper

You can be a stripper if you want to when you are 18 with an adult entertainer license.

96. Explore nightclubs

what can you do at 18 - nightclubs

You can enter night clubs when you are 18. But still, you can not drink if you live in the U.S as you are under 21. Otherwise, its a fun night to remember.

97. Enter an adults-only store

If you want to buy some adult things like… you know what I’m talkin’ about.

98. Concealed carry

In a few states of the U.S, you can conceal carry firearms with a concealed carry permit when you are 18.

Concealed carry is not allowed in the UK, Australia, India, etc..

99. Buy tools that can cut

You can buy any sharp pointed objects that can cut like a knife, blade, saw, ax, etc… when you are 18 years old. But, it is illegal to carry it around.

100. Go to an adult jail

what can you do at 18 - go to jail

If you commit any crime and get pressed charges, you may end up in an adult prison. No doubt, it will be a hard time for you.

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